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Ellicottville Coffee Company

Shifting gears, Adventure Bound onthefly set to open Ellicottville Coffee Company at current location 

Walk by 16 Washington Street in Ellicottville, and you’ll notice the palpable activity. 

Hammers clang. Saws buzz. Workers, tool belts adorned, haul lumber and tile and nails in and out of the building. A piece of paper on the door reads “Closed, Reopening 10/4,” but narrow sight lines allow those passing by to catch a glimpse of a new, rapid transformation. 

Adventure Bound onthefly isn't closing; in fact, the outdoor store, which reopened in 2015, remains as prevalent as ever. But owners John and Christy Rounds recognized they needed a change, and Ellicottville Coffee Company was born. 

“Similar resort towns across the country have one thing in common: a space for people to collaborate, relax, chat and enjoy a quality espresso drink,” he said.

His vision is to create a dynamic similar to what he’s visited in his travels - a combination of coffee and retail where the customer can sit with a drink or browse a diverse product selection - or a little of both. 

“Neptune Mountaineering in Boulder, Colorado is an iconic outdoor store - about as iconic as they come,” he said. “After they were bought, the new owners realized that their customers yearned for an upgraded experience. Now, in the middle of the store, there’s a cafe. Customers can get coffee before and after their outdoor adventures. Our objective is to create something similar with a comfortable place to gather, combined with great coffee and gear.” 

“This isn’t something that just popped into my head one night,” he continued. “This process has been the culmination of a lot of research and the thought process of what’s going to be best for our shop and the value we bring to the community overall.”

It’s no secret that independent brick and mortar retail stores have had to adapt with the changing habits of its consumers. With the prevalence of one-click shipping, mobile shopping and Amazon’s evil empire, it takes more than just the product to get people in the door. By combining the retail aspect with a coffee shop-style atmosphere, Rounds hopes to give the thousands of annual Ellicottville visitors another reason to come in. 

“We will continue to offer market leading brands that most closely reflect our values and that our customers have come to expect. We will of course be making adjustments and fine tuning the mix, but we will not stray from the outdoor heritage and authenticity that our customers have come to expect.” 

Earlier this year, Rounds and his family spent time in Peru, traveling throughout South America researching the best beans to bring in as their flagship offering. They landed on a blend from a 32-family Co-Op farm - organic, pesticide-free and Free Trade Certified. Those beans come individually packaged in 12oz. bags emblazoned with Ellicottville Coffee Company’s new logo. 

The coffee shop will offer all of the necessary caffeinated beverages you'd expect - espresso drinks, lattes, cappuccinos, cold brew, French Press, pour over, etc. -  plus a diverse blend of local jams, honeys, maple syrups and baked goods. Jamestown’s BioDome Project will supply the jams, and legendary Spragues Maple Syrup will also be available. 

“Ultimately, the goal is to offer a diverse blend of baked goods, local offerings and grab-and-go lunches,” Rounds said. “To start, we'll keep it pretty light. As we continue to grow, then we’ll begin diversifying what we offer. We’re very excited. We think this is going to add an entirely new dynamic to our already great village.” 

Ellicottville Coffee Company will launch with a soft opening the weekends prior, of and after Ellicottville’s Fall Festival. After that, they'll close until early December when they’ll go to seven days a week. You can purchase a bag of beans - either individually or on a subscription - online at the website. For more information on the Ellicottville Coffee Company, head to www.ellicottvillecoffee.com or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.