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Holiday Valley Capital Improvements

In its 62nd year of Operation, Holiday Valley Continues to Improve & Offer an Unmatched Experience

The ski resort landscape has changed. Some would argue for the better. Some would not. We now live in a world of Epic and Ikon and corporations creating conglomerate ski resort families. Each side of this coin has its perks and downfalls, and regardless of where you stand on the subject, things have changed. 

While the industry attempts to make sense of where it will find itself in the coming years, one thing has remained constant. Since 1958, Holiday Valley has proudly operated as an independent resort - a combination of visionary leadership, loyal customers and a dynamic geographic location all have played a hand in why the resort continues to be successful. 

A staggering number that sticks out: $135 million. It signifies the amount of money Holiday Valley has reinvested in itself over the past 25 years, a testament to the resort’s desire to make itself better year-in and year-out. And it's been money well spent, as seen in the world-class snowmaking system, the beautiful lodges, the fleet of groomers and every other detail you notice when you come to ski or ride. 

The most impressive aspect of the resort is its ability to offer a big mountain experience without the big mountain. What it lacks in elevation, it makes up for in amenities, operations and dedication. You won't find any gondolas here, but you are able to ski at night on one of the 36 lit trails. You won’t find any peaks that tower above the clouds, but you will find an incredibly diverse skiing and riding experience that caters to all ages and ability levels. 


For the 2019-20 season, Holiday Valley will reinvest $3.3 million for capital improvements, distributed across operations and new amenities. 

Living in the western New York snowbelt has its perks. The early season Lake Effect snow is arguably some of the best you’ll find in the entire world, and when those belts park over an area, accumulation is fast and furious. But while Lake Erie can giveth, Lake Erie can taketh away. Lake Effect snow isn’t always certain, which is why Holiday Valley has continued to grow its already impressive snowmaking system. 

With the largest and most powerful automated snowmaking system on the east coast, the resort’s HKD snowmaking guns can be flipped on and off in the blink of an eye from the control room. A vast television screen shows each individual gun, complete with hyper accurate temperature, humidity and wind readings. Adding 107 of the low energy HKD Impulse guns across the resort will only enhance the snowmaking capability - which is already impressive, as there are now almost 800 snowmaking guns in total.

The resort will also add a PistenBully 600 winch cat to its fleet of groomers. One of the premier names in grooming, PistenBully’s machines utilize state-of-the-art technology and powerful German engines to create an unmatched snow surface. The winch cat differs from a traditional PistenBully by its attached winch, which allows it to anchor and groom a much steeper grade. 

If you follow Holiday Valley's social channels, you most certainly have met Old Man Winter - the staff waving, bearded bringer of storms. Local legend Mike Paterniti, Old Man Winter’s alter ego, banded a group of guys together at the beginning of the summer to begin clearing (and cleaning) out the glades. The HV Woodsmen put significant man hours in, and visitors can expect a much better glades experience for the upcoming winter. 


Holiday Valley offers a significant number of pass options, each one providing its own level of value and flexibility. The Classic Season Pass provides skiers and snowboarders with unlimited time on the hill, while Ultimate Passes allow you to pick a day or night. The College Pass, created to tap into the youth market, gets college kids unlimited nights and weekdays for $309 and unlimited nights for $209. 

New for this season, Holiday Valley will also offer dynamic lift ticket and rental pricing through its website. Pricing will variate depending on how long you book ahead - for instance, booking 7 days ahead of time will save you more money than buying at the ticket window. The same will go for rental rates. 

Other promotions throughout the season include the Intense Milk Bottle promo (bring an empty bottle of Intense Milk, score buy one, get one on nights tickets), Learn to Ski & Snowboard Month (rental, ticket and lessons promotions all January long), Midweek lodging where kids 17-and-under stay & ski for free and much more. For more information on Holiday Valley, its capital improvements and pass pricing, head to www.holidayvalley.com or follow them on Facebook (Holiday Valley Resort) and Instagram/Twitter (@holidayvalley).


Two must-experience activities at the resort are the Sky Flyer Mountain Coaster and the Tubing Park. The coaster, located at Tannenbaum, takes you up the hill in a two-person sled and then loops and twirls back down through the trees. Bonus? You control the speed with two hand brakes. 

“The coaster is a huge hit,” said Eshbaugh. “Parents can ride with their kids (as long as the combined weight is under the limit) and it’s a great time, especially at night. If you’ve done the coaster and want to experience some more high-speed thrills, the Tubing Park is for you.” 

The Tubing Park, located just a short drive down Route 242 east of the village, has 22 lanes with quality snowmaking to match. When it’s super cold, put those goggles on - because you’re going to go fast, Ricky Bobby. 


Half the fun of hitting a ski resort is the apres! After a strong day on the slopes, a cold beverage is the perfect way to end it. John Harvard’s Brew House, home to over 20 beers on tap, has views of the slopes and a (very cool) concrete bar. Bartenders will ask you how your day on the slopes went, all the while keeping you satisfied with drinks and food. 

The square-shaped bar allows you to communicate with other visitors and swap stories. Or, if you’ve got the family, there’s tons of additional seating. Your favorite beers are all on tap, including seasonals from Ellicottville Brewing Company and Southern Tier Brewing.

John Harvard’s is located inside the Tamarack Club, located next to Holiday Valley’s Main Lodge.


Also located in the Tamarack Club, just down the hall from John Harvard’s, is the Ellicottville Oasis Spa. Offering massages, facials and body wraps, the natural sunlight that pours into Oasis will leave you completely rejuvenated. Individual and group packages are available - call or book an appointment online, or pop in to see if they have times available. Book a package and enjoy access to the Tamarack’s added amenities including pool, hot tub, fitness room and free valet parking!

There’s a special vibe around Holiday Valley and Ellicottville that’s validated by the ever-growing number of people who come to visit. Also, fair warning from a local kid - when you come, do NOT mention El Nino in any shape, size, or variation. Thanks in advance.