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Ice Jam Silent Disco Coming to Holiday Valley

Event will help fund Rock Autism organization's music and film programs

Imagine walking into an event and seeing people dancing ... but not hearing any music. You can see the DJs - there are three of them - and they’re into it, spinning tracks and vibing to some mysterious beat you can’t hear. Then you see the partygoers - there are hundreds of them - wearing wireless headphones, color coded to the different DJs. Imagine this scenario, and then come experience it. The Rock Autism ICE JAM Silent Disco comes to Holiday Valley’s Main Lodge on Saturday, February 8th. 

Silent Disco, an event planning company out of Buffalo, has created a party and festival experience unlike any other. Everyone wears headphones in lieu of speakers blasting music, with lights corresponding to the DJs they are listening to. If you want to listen to EDM or Hip/Hop, you simply hit the button on your headphones. 

Rock Autism, the non-profit Western New York organization that uses music and the arts to make a profound difference in the lives of those on the spectrum, has partnered with Silent Disco and Holiday Valley to bring the ICE JAM to Ellicottville. Already an established presence with their Rock Autism Music Festival held each summer, the Rock Autism organization continues to create events unique to the area. 

“I’m friends with the owner of Silent Disco, and we saw each other at an event recently,” said Rock Autism’s Max Muscato on how the idea of the event came about. “We talked about how this was something we could incorporate into Rock Autism’s overall goal - Silent Disco is very sensory friendly, because people can control the audio. We try to come up with something new every year, and we’re here for this.” 

Rock Autism’s goal is to blend music with industry-level programs to create opportunities for people with autism in the music and film industries. Money raised from events like the ICE JAM and Music Festival goes directly into these programs - creating new opportunities every day. 

“Using Silent Disco is great because besides being sensory friendly, there’s no noise ordnance,” Muscato said. “Everyone is using headphones. When you’re all vibing on the same channel, you kind of congregate into these groups. If you want to take a break from the music, you simply take your headphones off and go to the bar for a little bit. It’s really cool and really different.” 

Rock Autism and Silent Disco approached Holiday Valley for this idea a few months ago, and the resort was all ears. Resorts around the country host winter music festivals all the time, and that’s where Muscato would eventually like to take this. 

“We have such a great relationship with people in Ellicottville,” Muscato said. “They’ve been so receptive to everything that we want to do. It’s easy when you have the support of a community like that. We’re actually moving the location of next summer’s Rock Autism Music Festival to Holiday Valley, across the street from the resort by the golf range (site of the lacrosse fields). And we’ll have some exciting news to share regarding a headliner very soon.” 

The ICE JAM will have three live DJs - Edalo (playing EDM), Scafetta (playing hip/hop and R&B) and BANDO (Top40 and throwback hits). It takes place in the Main Lodge at Holiday Valley on Saturday, February 8th from 10:00pm-1:00am. This event is for individuals 21 and over. Tickets are $20 pre-sale, $25 regular and $30 at the door. Winter Theme Decorations by Jeremiah Schmelling.  Learn more by searching the event on Facebook or go to holidayvalley.com or rockautism.org.