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NEW at HoliMont

New Pisten Bully Groomer, New Snowsports Director, New Park Supervisor & More!


Thanks to the early frigid temperatures, HoliMont was able to click on the snowmaking systems earlier than ever. This quick jump on the season should help establish a base that should last the entire season. HoliMont enlists the snowmaking power of the SMI Super Pole Cat which was co-developed here at HoliMont.


After its long journey from Kässbohrer All Terrain Vehicles Inc. in Reno, NV, the Pisten Bully 600 groomer found its new home at HoliMont. Snowmaking at HoliMont has kicked in earlier than ever so this new machine will be put to work right away. Check out more info and footage of HoliMont groomers in action at holimont.com.


We’re excited to announce that Travis Widger has been selected as HoliMont’s new Director of Snowsports. In addition to filling the leadership role at HoliMont Snowsports, Travis will be bringing the Racing operation and Snowsports together so that all aspects of Snowsports at HoliMont can operate collaboratively under the same umbrella as we move into the 2019/20 ski season.


Chris Perks comes to HoliMont with a passion for designing and building terrain parks, and a focus of growing the freestyle scene. Spanning two decades, previously at Holiday Valley and Kissing Bridge, his experience includes building and fabricating park features, running the groomers, and shaping parks for all levels of skiers and riders. Chris stepped away from the grooming fleet to coach the snowboard race team at HoliMont for three seasons, traveling to Nationals with qualifying members. His leadership skills and compatibility across all departments makes him a team player and valued asset to the HoliMont family.


A record number of racers turned out for this year’s cyclocross race at HoliMont. The weather was perfect for racing and the grueling challenge of the course did not disappoint. Every year this event grows thanks to the sponsors and Western New York’s commitment to fall bicycle racing. HoliMont will continue to host bicycle events all season long. Log on to holimont.com to stay in the loop.


Early this summer HoliMont installed a demo bike carrier on the Exhibition High Speed Quad. The experiment was a huge success with members and the local mountain bike community. With any luck, we will be lifting bikes to the top of the hill next summer on our Sunset lift which will give access to miles of trails in the state forest as well as some new single track at HoliMont, including the new 1-mile long flow trail.