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Snowboarding 101: Take a Lesson

Holiday Valley makes learning a snowsport so much FUN!
Earlier this week I spent a morning with Holiday Valley Snowsports, and I can now officially check “learning to snowboard” off my bucket list. Here is a recap of my experience …
Snowpants. Check.
Helmet. Check.
Goggles. Check.
Gloves. Check.
Anxiety. Check.
No need to feel anxious, unless it’s anxiously looking forward to having fun!
After pulling into Holiday Valley, I headed straight to Creekside Lodge, located down the steps from the Main Lodge, next to the bunny hill. Perfect! We won’t need to trek far to get this party started!
Into Creekside Lodge to get signed in. The staff at Creekside Lodge were so friendly and helpful.  And the convenience of having one place to get my lift ticket, rental equipment, and meet my instructor made it effortless to sign up for a lesson. Once I was suited up and given a quick rundown of lesson procedure, I was out the door to meet up with my instructor, John Galvin (one of the best there, as I’ve been told).
So far so good. Smooth as butter. This is easy.
Actually snowboarding … maybe not so easy.
Learning anything new takes time and practice, and as they say, “if you aren’t falling, you aren’t learning." John was very knowledgeable and has had many years of experience teaching the sport, so I was very grateful to be paired up with his expertise and his patience. After explaining the fundamentals of body positioning, moving on the snow, edging, and taking me through several different drills, I was feeling pretty confident. And by the time we were halfway through my lesson, I had mastered the magic carpet and was ready to go big … the bunny hill.
Getting on the lift - piece of cake. Getting off the lift - maybe not so much. But I survived! I made it to the top! I am going places! (I may be sore later!)
Focusing on edge control across the hill, keeping my knees bent and extending my arms out in the direction I wanted to go, John successfully coached me back and forth, toe-edge, heel-edge, all the way to the bottom of the run. I can’t wait to do it again!
it was a good day.
Many thanks to Holiday Valley and its Ski School staff, and especially to John Galvin for introducing me to a sport that I have already grown to enjoy after just one lesson. I’m looking forward to my next experience out on the snow, and will certainly take advantage of the value that a lesson with a certified instructor has to offer.
Holiday Valley makes learning to love winter FUN!  Needless to say, I’m hooked!