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Willy Goat 2020 Calendars Raise Money for Animal Rescue

Willy Goat Calendars Raised $1000 to be Donated to EARS!

Ashley Baron loves photography, and she also loves going on adventures with her furry side kick, Willow.

Willow was rescued 5 years ago and has been living her best life since. Over those years, her owner, Ashley, has taken an immense amount of photos of her fur-baby, so she decided to create a calendar of Willow's adventures. Originally wanting to make one for her own personal use, an idea struck Ashley: print an inventory of calendars and sell them to raise money for one of the area’s local rescue groups! Willow is quite the little celebrity in the Jamestown area, especially at her boyfriend, Ryan's store, BioDome Project, as well as in Ellicottville, where Ashley works at Holiday Valley and PaNDaGOAT Media, and does freelance videography in the area, with Willow usually by her side. Willow also has her own Instagram page (@willygoat_adventures).

When discussing the calendars and selling them to help support a local shelter, Ashley said, “It was hard to choose a rescue because we love what they all do, but we decided to go with EARS and in the end I was totally shocked at the amount of money we were able to raise. I'm hoping to do this again next year and pick another rescue!”

EARS is a local foster-based animal rescue in Cattaraugus County dedicated to rescuing abandoned, abused, neglected and endangered animals. They are a 100% volunteer organization relying solely on donations and support from the community they serve. They have been fortunate enough to find homes for over 800 otherwise forgotten and abandoned animals yearly.  They have also started a Prison Program to implement an inmate/foster dog program as well as to provide veterans with certified service dogs and Community Outreach Programs to raise awareness in the importance of spaying and neutering.

In the end, with the sales of the calendars and people donating extra money, Ashley and Willow raised $1,000 for EARS! 

“Willow is lucky enough to now live her best life, so we wanted to give back to those who help rescue animals, care for them and find them their forever homes."