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Happy Landings

HoliMont Is Trying Some New Things This Year


HoliMont is trying some new things this year. We have new terrain parks and features in new locations. Parks manager Chris Perks has been busy building and grooming premier elements like this new jump line towards the bottom of Snowbird by our Exhibition lift. These jumps offer the perfect environment to practice and land those tricks you’ve been practicing. Freestyle riders and sliders are stoked and it’s been great to watch the progression.


A membership to HoliMont not only gets you access to some of the best skiing in WNY, but you also get over the top Aprés parties and concerts. Finger Eleven was on the HoliMont stage for an intimate concert for members this month. Stop in and find out how a membership to HoliMont can be more affordable than you think.


HoliMont hosts original events every season like Contractor’s Day. 600 area contractors and tradesmen came out this year for a fun day on the slopes. The event is sponsored by some of the largest companies in the region and beyond. Make sure to mark your calendar for next years event which will take place towards the end of January.


Cranking out turns on a premium surface is what us skiers and boarders live for. It’s even more fun when you have a great view of one of the best ski towns in the east.  Come take a lap on Greer and find out why it’s one of our most loved slopes. Make sure your phone is charged for some selfies at the top.


The Snowsports programs have turned out some amazing winter athletes over the years. HoliMont skiers and snowboarders have competed at some of the largest competitions on earth including the winter Olympics. As a member at HoliMont, your kids can take part in our premier programs that will give them the discipline and character to go on to accomplish great things on snow, and in life.