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Steelbound Converts to Hand Sanitizer Facility

Local Brewery/Distillery Steps Up in Time of Crisis

In light of the National COVID-19 Pandemic, it has been hard to wrap our heads around all that is happening. Seemly overnight we were living in a different world. Ellicottville, in its truest nature, is evolving quickly with this fluid crisis as Steelbound Brewery & Distillery has converted its facility to produce hand sanitizer on a commercial scale. In talking with Dean Metzger, General Manager, I was able to find out how this coalesced so quickly.

CROFT: How did you know that Steelbound would be a good candidate to convert into a hand sanitizer production facility?

METZGER: We were approached by several companies, and ultimately when the NYS Distillery & Brewery Board advised us of the procedure to convert, it only made sense. We could provide for our community in a time of crisis and bring our entire brewery staff back to work.

CROFT: Do you plan to sell sanitizer to the public, and how will it be available?

METZGER: We are working on purchasing containers to distribute to the public in smaller quantities; currently we only have options for gallons. Once we are positioned to sell to the public, it will be available at our Springville and Ellicottville locations. Check in with our social media accounts (@steelboundevl) for the announcement and exact procedures once they are finalized.

CROFT: When do you expect your first batch to be complete, and how long do you plan to produce hand sanitizer?

METZGER: Our first batch will be finished by the second week of April. We will continue to produce indefinitely; we want it to be easily accessible to our community as long as necessary.

In addition to stepping up to the plate in a time of crisis, Steelbound will be donating nearly HALF of their first batch to Bertrand Chaffee Hospital (Springville, NY), Olean General Hospital (Olean, NY) and Brooks Memorial Hospital (Dunkirk, NY). It is stories like this that prove time over time that ingenuity and inspiration knows no boundaries, and when we band together as a community on the micro level, great accomplishments come to fruition.