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Getting Fitness Back on Track

Core Performance reorganizes its fitness offerings

I was so excited for the year 2020 to begin.  I was full of optimism and looking so forward to all the great things my son would get to do during his senior year.  However, it didn’t take long for everything to go off the rails for me.  January, February and March were the worst months of my life for so many unimaginable reasons that I actually welcomed the shutdown.  I needed a reset, badly.

But what started out as an opportunity to reorganize my life literally and figuratively turned into a roller coaster of anxiety, depression and real fear of losing everything I had worked 10 years to build.  What I found so interesting during this time is how people were so divided about the seriousness/validity of this virus, even though we had people from our community and surrounding communities that were fighting this disease. Speak to a survivor and they will tell you this is not a cold or the flu.  This, at almost any degree, is so much worse.  We are fortunate to live where we do and be provided a brief bubble of good health and the freedom to walk, run and enjoy outdoor activities without the fear of contracting this disease.

Fast forward to June 2020.  Fitness facilities are beginning to reopen with a whole new set of restrictions and requirements since fitness facilities can be a breeding ground for transferring germs. We need to adhere to strict physical distancing and sanitation protocols in order to operate.  There are also new waivers to sign and temperature checks upon entering the facility.  But there is no clear-cut, one-size-fits-all agenda … meaning, there are a lot of gray areas and unknowns that have yet to be answered.   

We do know that there are people who have compromised immune systems and fall into the category of high-risk who use exercise to combat those issues.  The question is, how do we keep that population safe?  The bottom line: It’s all going to come down to your personal risk preference, and how much risk you want to take to get back to the gym.

For this reason, Core Performance will not be doing group fitness classes inside the studio.  Some outdoor classes will be offered in mid- July.  All of our trainers at Core have racked our brains on how to safely conduct classes in the studio, but due to the ever-changing information and the lack of credible experiences, we feel it is a good time to reorganize what classes we will offer in the future.  Core Performance is offering personal training for 1:1 or 2:1 situation.  This way we have much more control over who comes in and out of our facility and we can confidently sanitize between clients.

As trainers, we are also doing our best to follow all guidelines to keep ourselves free of the virus; this means we are not putting ourselves in at-risk situations such as gatherings without social distancing, and we are using face coverings in public settings as well as hand sanitizing. This also means we are training fewer clients per day.   

What we are learning is that this disease is constantly changing, and new discoveries might affect earlier recommendations. If you’re still on the fence about your workouts in the gym, there’s no need to rush to make a decision either way, and your thoughts may change as the pandemic progresses, so give yourself the mental leeway to shift as needed to make the right choice for you.  We’ll be here when you’re ready.