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The Ratchet Hatchet is OPEN!

Full drink menu, fine appetizers and AXE THROWING: Find your inner Thor!
photo/The Ratchet Hatchet

As all trends and fads eventually make it out to the countryside, the opening of an axe throwing lounge is really a returning home for Ellicottville. Ski areas built from the logged trails, Ellicottville essentially started with an axe. The axe predates modern history as the go-to tool of the stone age and has been evolving since.

In fables, stone axes were believed to be thunderbolts and used to guard buildings against lightning. It was common lore that a thrown axe could prevent a hail storm, or an axe buried blade up in the field would protect crops against bad weather. If an axe was placed under a bed it was thought to ensure male offspring.

Bringing a slice of history back to life in a modern form, new owners of The Ratchet Hatchet seek to fulfill an uncaptured market. “People already come to seek adventure in Ellicottville; it only made sense to choose this community as a home for our lounge,” The Ratchet Hatchet owner and operator Kaleigh Fleischman told me. When asked how they came up with the idea for this venture, Kaleigh said, “My partner Nate and I went to a facility to try it out ourselves. Nate instantly thought to open our own and we ran with it.”

Welcome to The Ratchet Hatchet, located at 14 Washington Street, downtown Ellicottville (next to Ellicottville Coffee Company). They offer a very comfortable, cool atmosphere for people to just come hang out. “There is always something to look at. We aren’t reservation based or closed to the public; we always encourage an audience.” (Writer’s note: Although walk-ins are welcome, they do encourage you make a reservation for ax throwing. Reservations can be made through their website or by phone.)

The Lounge will offer a full drink menu and a limited food menu. (Think flatbreads and appetizers.)

Axe throwing by nature is not for the faint of heart, but rest assured every single session is led by a trained Axe Coach who will monitor all throwing to ensure proper technique and safety. “We pride ourselves on taking every precaution necessary to make the experience safe for everyone inside our lounge.”

The Ratchet Hatchet’s hours of operation are Thursday 5:00-10:00pm, Friday and Saturday 5pm-midnight, and Sunday noon-9:00pm. Seamlessly tailored to bachelor and bachelorette parties, adult birthdays, corporate team building or just fun with friends, “We are extremely excited to finally share The Ratchet Hatchet with everyone. We are confident it will be a place you’ll want to come back to.”

Be sure to hurry in and find out who is the King of Asgard in your friend group. Search @theratchethatchetevl on Facebook and Instagram, visit theratchethatchetellicottville.com or call 716-699-9892 for more info.