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The HoliMont Snowsports Phoenix Program is celebrating its 19th year! With over 40 dedicated volunteers, 25 PSIA certified instructors and many devoted parents, this program has persevered though nearly two decades. If you aren’t already familiar with this phenomenal program, it teaches skiing and snowboarding to adults, youth and children with various disabilities. It offers more than the opportunity to ski or ride, however.  It opens up the world of snowsports and the opportunity to experience passion for POW!

USASA - the United States of America Snowboarding Association - rolled the dice on competitive snowboarding in the 1980s and hasn’t looked back since. The genesis of its vision came about when Chuck Allen wanted an all-encompassing competitive circuit for snowboarding. Now, more than 25 years later, USASA continues to be the dominant competitive organization for amateur snowboarders across the country. 

On Sunday, Jan. 4, 2015 HoliMont will turn the lifts for the annual SkiScape fundraising event.

What better way to kickstart the season than by getting to know the people who take care of the hills we love to enjoy?

The leaves on the trees surrounding Ellicottville are quickly morphing into a bright orange hue, which can mean only one thing: the winter season will be here before you know it.  Are you already picking out what new gear you want to purchase for the season?  Did you know the answer to that question months ago?  If so, then you must be ready for another fine season on the slopes.  And what better place to break in your new gear than at HoliMont?

In the business for over 30 years, USASA allows regional talent to showcase what they’ve got, with the hopes of qualifying for the main event out west come end of March. SNOWED-IN caught up with one HoliMont Snowboard Team rider who's been to Nationals an unprecedented six years in a row.

March means a lot of things here in Ellicottville. It means the ski season is nearing an end but that it’s nowhere close to being done. Last year, if you will recall, we got close to a foot of powder on March 20. Obviously we’re hoping for a repeat of that this year.

It’s hard to believe that we’re already into February. January flew by, which just validates the saying “time flies when you’re having fun.” Plenty happened over the month of January.

Ever wonder how skiing and snowboarding support the needs of the community?  For the United Way of Cattaraugus County, every skier and snowboarder counts at the organization’s annual Ski Day for United Way, held each March at HoliMont Ski Area in Ellicottville, NY.  This year’s event is slated for Thursday, March 6.
Art is a pretty subjective topic.  It’s incredibly difficult to define and even harder to produce at a substantial level.  Art can be a painting, a drawing, a poem, a sculpture … the possibilities are really endless.  Art can even be a large slab of wood.  At least, it can be if you put it in the right hands.

HoliMont Ski Area officially opened for the 2013-14 ski season on Saturday, December 14th; eleven days earlier than last year’s Christmas Day opening. Since then, the Village of Ellicottville has 1) been buried in beautiful lake effect snow, 2) seen an increase in temperature that all but wiped out the natural snowfall, and then 3) witnessed a Christmas comeback as winter returned just in time to blanket the slopes with enough snow to give the area the winter look that we here at HoliMont love so much.

Even though the snow isn’t here yet, there is no better time than right now to organize your group outing to HoliMont.  Group leaders are already lining up to reserve space on the HoliMont chalet calendar for the approaching season.  And in case you are still under the impression that HoliMont is just a private ski club where the general public is not allowed to ski; that is not the case.  HoliMont is open to non-members every Monday through Friday (excluding Christmas Week Dec. 25-31).
Is winter a season you actually look forward to rather than dread?  Does the prospect of putting snow tires on your vehicle put a big grin on your face?  Is a new set of skis or a snowboard deck your idea of the perfect holiday gift?  Do you daydream about the perfect powder day with no lift lines and no crowds?  If so, then HoliMont Ski Area might just be the place for you. 
Looking for another way to hit the slopes for a good cause? The sixth annual Ski Day For United Way takes place Thursday, March 7 at HoliMont Ski Area in Ellicottville.
Constance Searby questioned it, skeptical of its feasibility, but, within a weekend, she became a believer and an advocate of HoliMont’s Phoenix Adaptive Ski Program.  “My son Wil joined the program after a friend invited us up,” Searby said. “We were skeptical, but thought it would be fun for him to try a new activity. By the end of the weekend he was on tethers, going down the Bunny Hill and Chipmunk. We were sold and signed up the next year.” 

HoliMont Ski Area, North America’s largest private ski area, is expanding. The project, also known as WestMont Ridge, has produced 31 rare, ski-in/ski-out building lots on the western side of HoliMont.   
If you're skiing the slopes of HoliMont on Jan. 6, don't be alarmed if teams of firefighters, linked by a fire hose, race past in their full gear. 

HoliMont Ski Area, North America’s largest private ski area devoted to family skiing adventures, is pleased to announce that itsWestMont Ridge development project is about to take its next step towards becoming a reality.  


Is winter a season you fully look forward to rather than dread?  Does the prospect of putting snow tires on your vehicle put a smile on your face?  Would a new set of skis or a snowboard deck be your idea of the perfect holiday gift?  Do you daydream about the perfect powder day with no lift lines and no crowds?  If so, then HoliMont Ski Area might just be the place for you.  


Throw determination, character, a commitment to excellence together with skill, motivation and a heart for the sport, and that's all you need for a team to take FLITE.  The FLITE Team, run by former U.S. Ski Team members Corey and Kelly Hacker, is a group of skiers, ages 8 to 17, dedicated to developing and improving their abilities all while meeting new friends, learning life-long lessons and making memories to last a lifetime. 


The art of ski racing runs deep in HoliMont's blood.  What started as a low-key organization back in the 60's has evolved over the years into one of the strongest racing programs in NYS.  The 2012'-13 season promises to be an exciting one for the Racing Program.  Many of the athletes have been participating in rigorous off-season training activities with Coach Travis Widger and are now primed to show off their racing skills.

In 1962 a small group of people embarked on a venture that would eventually change the lives of tens of thousands of people.  These people, all skiing enthusiasts, loved skiing but were growing tired of waiting in line at the increasingly popular nearby ski area.  They began to envision an area that provided a family-friendly atmosphere that was void of the lift lines.  

The sun is still shining brightly and the days are still (relatively) warm, but the snow will be flying before we know it.  No one knows this better than the people involved in the ski industry. Here at HoliMont we are gearing up for an amazing 50th Anniversary season.

Remember last ski season? You’re forgiven if you’ve decided to strike it from your memory due to the less than “winter-like” winter we had here in Western New York. Anyway, no sooner had HoliMont officially shut the lifts down for the season than it began tearing down the Expo lift right outside of the Chalet.