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Since 1958, Holiday Valley has proudly operated as an independent resort - a combination of visionary leadership, loyal customers and a dynamic geographic location all have played a hand in why the resort continues to be successful.

Holiday Valley’s Training Center has a rich history of developing strong, competitive ski and snowboard teams. While the ski team’s prominence is more well-known because of Olympic athletes like Jill Vogtli and Travis Mayer, the snowboard team continues to turn heads with wins across the region. While the team consists of only 10 riders, a driven coaching staff keeps the team progressing towards loftier goals.

Deep in Antarctica’s frozen wasteland lies the world’s cutest, most playful creatures. These little treasures live out their days fishing, swimming, and exploring. Not a human to be found in the glacial expanse, the black and white, dignified waddlers have grown to dominate the landscape, and, coincidentally, our hearts. Ah, penguins … emperor of the animal kingdom, and icon of February in Ellicottville.

First rip, then sip! Holiday Valley’s newest season-long event, Rip N’ Sip, is a chance to go out with certified instructors and hone your craft before going in for a frosty cocktail. The brainchild of HV Snowsports Director Allie Doro, Rip N’ Sip not only helps you work on your turns, but build relationships with fellow rippers.

Stop wondering how much fun it is to ski or snowboard and come do it! January is Learn a Snowsport Month, and Holiday Valley will offer half price beginner ski and snowboard packages throughout the entire month. Get instruction from the Snow Pros and realize what you’ve been missing out on!

The 6th Annual ‘Your Turn’ Women’s Ski Clinic returns to Holiday Valley January 24-25th, giving intermediate to advanced lady skiers a chance to clinic and get better. Renowned women’s ski instructor Lisa Densmore Ballard spearheads this ladies-only clinic, providing a lifetime of instruction and experience to enhance the overall session. 

This season, LASP asks campaign donors to consider a $30 gift to mark the 30th anniversary of this marvelous non-profit. With 30 days to make an impact, donors can forever change the lives of children and adults with cognitive and physical disabilities. The campaign runs from Tuesday, Nov. 27th (#GivingTuesday) through Dec. 26th.

The craft beer and specialty winemaker revolution is here to stay, and Holiday Valley invites you to its biggest party of the year. Beer, wine, cider, live music and food turns a typical blasé November weekend into a can’t-miss event. 

Holiday Valley, New York State’s most visited winter resort, is planning a $3.2 million upgrade this year. Highlights include expanded automated snowmaking, a new groomer, a conveyor lift on Slippery Streets, slope work including several “tree trails” for kids and a new shuttle van. Summer projects at Sky High Adventure Park include a Tarzan swing on Riptide in the Aerial Park, and creation of the Happy Holiday Gem Mining Company.

Attention runners! (Whether you’re a competitive athlete, a casual runner, or just someone who’s looking to get outside, get some exercise and have fun!) … the Happy Half Marathon, 5K and Beer Mile will return to Holiday Valley for the third year in a row on Saturday, May 12, 2018.

A weekend unlike any all year! Mardi Gras / Winter Carnival in Ellicottville takes the fun of spring skiing and couples it with engaging activities - on and off the slopes. Mark the weekend of March 9-11 on your calendar, and get yourself to Ellicottville to participate!

The Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce that Dennis DeYoung and the Music of Styx and the Buffalo Philharmonic will headline the 2018 Summer Music Festival.

Sunday, March 4 is a day to celebrate snowboarding. The 1st Annual Boardroom Banked, presented by The Boardroom Snowboard Shop, is a banked slalom that pits riders across 4 divisions against each other. Going down on Holiday Valley’s Independence run, the Banked looks to become an annual staple in Ellicottville's event schedule. 

What do you get when you combine a good cause with garbage bags, a ski hill, silent auction, tasty food, and tons of laughs? The Penguin Paddle, of course! On Saturday, February 24, Holiday Valley’s Lounsbury Adaptive Ski Program (LASP) will be hosting its annual fundraiser at the base of Yodeler Lodge to raise money for their program, which offers lessons to persons with virtually all disabilities, both physical and cognitive.

Melinda Jones loves being outside. It doesn't matter if she’s hiking, biking, snowshoeing, or going for a leisurely jog, Melinda just prefers to be outside in nature. So it should come as no surprise to find out that Melinda is the energy behind Outdoor Fitness Fusion, an endeavor that allows her to share her zest for physical activity and her love of nature with others who are looking for a little help to get them started on a more active lifestyle.

The Tele ski event of the year returns on Friday, February 23. Telestock, presented by The City Garage, is a day of peace, love and Tele skiing! Telestock has become a fan favorite at Holiday Valley, running a strong 15+ years! Join The City Garage at Yodeler Lodge and on the Champagne Sundeck for Telestock 2018. This year’s theme: Hawaiian Luau.

From an early age in Holiday Valley’s Rangers Program, Bella Bacon’s first instructor Patty Wolf saw potential. Bella was fearless and loved to ski in the woods and moguls. It wasn’t long before Bella joined the Holiday Valley Freestyle Team. Although she excelled at moguls, it was her growing interest in slopestyle that turned her focus.

None of that fussy turning … this is all about speed! After a day on the slopes, you can top off your fun meter with a trip to the Holiday Valley Tubing Park. EVERYONE can enjoy the exhilaration of tubing!

Through good winters, bad winters, one (really) bad winter and countless inches of the white stuff, one business has stood the test of time. We’ve come a long way since one lodge, a T-Bar and no manmade snow. This season, Holiday Valley celebrates 60 years of skiing, snowboarding, reinvestment, innovation and smiling faces. 

Lounsbury Adaptive Ski Program at Holiday Valley joins the Global #GivingTuesday Movement for a second year; Pledges
will help to raise money for scholarships and adaptive equipment.

With a close eye on the weather forecast, Dennis Eshbaugh, President of Holiday Valley Resort announced today that they will open for the winter season on Friday, November 24 at 9:00am.

When the fall colors are in their twilight and we’re knocking on winter’s door, there’s one event at Holiday Valley to bridge the dreaded November gap - the Beer & Wine Festival, presented by Holiday Valley, Ellicottville Brewing Company, Southern Tier Brewing, and Wegman’s. Now in its 14th year, Beer & Wine has become a favorite event for a contingent of fermentation lovers ...

Strategically located less than three hours from big population centers (think Toronto, Buffalo, Cleveland and Pittsburgh), ski and snowboard lovers of all ages proudly - definitively - call HV their home resort. With $3.3 million going back in this year, the grand total of reinvestment over the past 24 years has hit a cool $126 million ...

While there are many ways ski resorts across the country get the masses hyped on the coming season, it’s not frequent they offer an opportunity to strap equipment on and participate. With less than 100 days until we’re (weather permitting) on the hill, ski and snowboard lovers know that winter is inevitably coming. In an effort to bring winter a little closer, Holiday Valley is hitting the road this fall with the 1st Annual Rail Jam Road Show.