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Our local ski and snowboard population is becoming more adept at mastering alternative disciplines, one of such being telemark skiing. There are well-known pockets of telemark skiers in the US, and The City Garage has turned itself into the go-to spot in the area for those who wish to learn/progress on the free heel. 
For February’s edition of SNOWED-IN, I have chosen a very straight-forward, simple, yet elegant dish.  This plate of “meat & potatoes” carries so many levels of flavors and profiles that by the last bite, you’ll wish you had more, but will be pleasantly content. 
The dish I have chosen for this month’s SNOWED-IN special is quite a bit lighter than last month’s. Although the garnish for 
this dish screams winter, the scallops tend to offer a more delicate feel on your pallet.  Come dine at John Harvard's Brew House during the month of January and experience it for yourself!
Tired of watching your friends hit the slopes while you sip hot cocoa and watch from the lodge?  Bundle up, grab some skis or a snowboard and join them in January as the nation celebrates “Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month.”  Both Ellicottville resorts are offering great incentives to get you off the couch and onto the hill.
What happens when skiers and Harley-Davidsons get together at Holiday Valley? A day full of engine-revving, slope-swishing fun during the second annual Harley-Day Valley, set for Saturday, Jan. 25 from 10am-7pm.
Just because we’re located in the Western New York foothills and don’t have as aggressive terrain as, say, Utah or Colorado, the fact remains Ellicottville and Holiday Valley are known throughout the national ski and snowboard circuit. Shops like The City Garage are always willing to play host to fun events on our local mountain, and the “Tell A Friend Tour” is at the top of the list.
Day groups are a great opportunity for a group of friends, families or co-workers to get together and ski, and according to Kristen Sciara, Assistant Director of Marketing at Holiday Valley, it’s also a great chance for beginners to try the sport in a comfortable group setting.
   Ski and snowboard equipment can be some of the trickiest products to buy. Lucky for you, Holiday Valley and the major ski and snowboard companies are here to help you with your purchasing decisions. Come test out new product on-hill.  And if the Farmer’s Almanac is any indication of the conditions you’ll be testing in, we’ll be buried in snow by the time Dec. 21 gets here.
Looking for an intense thrill?  Look for the BAGJUMP to return to Holiday Valley this season.  For those of you lost in translation, a BAGJUMP is a device derived from the entertainment and inflatables industry to serve as a landing pad for action shots.  Now, it's being used on snow.
At John Harvard’s, we are anxious to introduce warm flavors to the cold season.  To kick off the ski season, we are featuring a roasted lamb loin cooked to a perfect glistening medium-rare. 

The cold and snowy November weather combined with Holiday Valley’s powerhouse snowmaking system will allow the resort to open for the 2013-‘14 winter season on Friday, Nov. 29, 2013. 
Not Top-50, nor Top-25.  Not even Top-10.  Congratulations, Holiday Valley, for being named the 5th best ski resort on the entire Eastern seaboard!
If you’re looking for a family-friendly restaurant with a touch of Cheers where “everybody knows your name,” look no further than John Harvard’s Brewery and Ale House, located inside the Tamarack Club at Holiday Valley Resort. 
If you didn’t get your fill of beer and wine at Ellicottville’s Fall Festival, another annual tradition here in good ‘ol E’ville is the ever popular Beer & Wine Festival at Holiday Valley Resort.  This event has gained major popularity since its inception ten years ago. Holiday Valley, Ellicottville Brewing Company and Southern Tier Brewery will once again host the event at The Lodge (formerly the Clubhouse Chalet / Main Lodge) on Saturday, Nov. 9, 2013 from 3:30-7:30pm with live music by Big Leg Emma. 
Snowfall is inevitable … instead of hibernating through the chilly winter months, step out and learn to enjoy the snow. All it takes is a little time, effort, and of course, adventurous spirit.  In our corner of Western New York, it’s the perfect opportunity to bundle up, grab your gear and hit the slopes at Holiday Valley and HoliMont. 
Most likely, you're well aware of the ski resort prowess Holiday Valley and HoliMont bring to the table.  Both are pioneers in their respective categories (public/private resorts), which continue to re-invest in their properties and the community of Ellicottville annually.  But, should you find yourself visiting town in the “off-season,” you don’t need to worry about finding something to do. The summer months are very much an “on-season” here in the village and surrounding areas, and here’s proof …
The majority of people that visit Holiday Valley experience first-hand how awesome it is. But until you look closely, only then does one start to notice the improvements made on an annual basis. 

Upon the completion of a successful 2012-‘13 winter season, Holiday Valley’s President Dennis Eshbaugh announced plans to reinvest $3.1 million in resort improvements.  According to Eshbaugh, “It is a priority to continually improve Holiday Valley, not only to keep up with the current technology but to give our visitors the best experience possible.” 

The 5th Annual Boarding 4 Breast event held on Feb. 16 at Holiday Valley was, once again, a complete success. Imagine the perfect winter day - light snowfall, moderate temps and bright sunshine - we couldn’t have asked for better weather or better results. 
It’s no secret that Holiday Valley Resort is rich in character.  Countless front-line and behind the scenes employees work day in and day out to foster and create the culture that one would see each and every time they visit.  One of these employees helping bring this character to life visually is staff videographer Ashley Baron, who films and produces videos for Holiday Valley.  We were able to catch up with ‘Mini’ recently, so you could get to know the girl behind the lens cranking out these awesome videos …
Each month, Snowed-In focuses on an up-and-coming skier or snowboarder who comes to Ellicottville regularly to progress their talents. This month, we’re spotlighting a 7-year-old from Willoughby Hills, OH, a very young man who is constantly pushing himself to become a better rider. Introducing the “Youngest” Gun … Max Listati.
These past few winter months have yielded up-and-down weather, visiting faces both new and old, and another chapter written in Ellicottville’s storied history. Events such as Holiday Valley’s Boarding 4 Breast Cancer and HoliMont’s 50th Anniversary Gala show what people - both on the management and tourist sides - are made of.  As fun as those events were, some of the best are yet to come. Although those upcoming aren’t all necessarily dedicated to a particular cause or charity, they still contain a certain uniqueness and tenacity to bring people in. 
Born Franklin Robert Knab on August 23, 1991 to Bob and Fran Knab of Getzville, NY, young Frank didn’t give his parents much time to prepare for what would soon become his lifelong addiction to shredding.  By age 3 Bob recounts, Frank was making the weekend trips to Holiday Valley, where they would lap the School Haus chair until Frank was tired, then drop him off at the daycare facility so they could finish their day.  By age 6, Frank was interested in becoming a snowboarder, which as Bob chuckles, “was a pain in the butt” as there weren’t many options out there for groms of Frank’s size at the time.  By 9 years of age, Frank was no longer skiing at all, solely focusing on snowboarding.  Unbeknownst to all, the groundwork had been laid for Frank to begin to stand out locally in the shred community.
Shepherd's Pie with Guinness Stout ... This dish is quite simple in preparation.  My version contains both ground Lamb and Beef; some recipes would call for diced meat not ground, or to use one or the other - Beef or Lamb.  I believe the ground meat creates a unique texture to our meat pie, and the combination of the two meats is a pleasing medley for your taste buds.