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The majority of people that visit Holiday Valley experience first-hand how awesome it is. But until you look closely, only then does one start to notice the improvements made on an annual basis. 

Upon the completion of a successful 2012-‘13 winter season, Holiday Valley’s President Dennis Eshbaugh announced plans to reinvest $3.1 million in resort improvements.  According to Eshbaugh, “It is a priority to continually improve Holiday Valley, not only to keep up with the current technology but to give our visitors the best experience possible.” 

The 5th Annual Boarding 4 Breast event held on Feb. 16 at Holiday Valley was, once again, a complete success. Imagine the perfect winter day - light snowfall, moderate temps and bright sunshine - we couldn’t have asked for better weather or better results. 
It’s no secret that Holiday Valley Resort is rich in character.  Countless front-line and behind the scenes employees work day in and day out to foster and create the culture that one would see each and every time they visit.  One of these employees helping bring this character to life visually is staff videographer Ashley Baron, who films and produces videos for Holiday Valley.  We were able to catch up with ‘Mini’ recently, so you could get to know the girl behind the lens cranking out these awesome videos …
Each month, Snowed-In focuses on an up-and-coming skier or snowboarder who comes to Ellicottville regularly to progress their talents. This month, we’re spotlighting a 7-year-old from Willoughby Hills, OH, a very young man who is constantly pushing himself to become a better rider. Introducing the “Youngest” Gun … Max Listati.
These past few winter months have yielded up-and-down weather, visiting faces both new and old, and another chapter written in Ellicottville’s storied history. Events such as Holiday Valley’s Boarding 4 Breast Cancer and HoliMont’s 50th Anniversary Gala show what people - both on the management and tourist sides - are made of.  As fun as those events were, some of the best are yet to come. Although those upcoming aren’t all necessarily dedicated to a particular cause or charity, they still contain a certain uniqueness and tenacity to bring people in. 
Born Franklin Robert Knab on August 23, 1991 to Bob and Fran Knab of Getzville, NY, young Frank didn’t give his parents much time to prepare for what would soon become his lifelong addiction to shredding.  By age 3 Bob recounts, Frank was making the weekend trips to Holiday Valley, where they would lap the School Haus chair until Frank was tired, then drop him off at the daycare facility so they could finish their day.  By age 6, Frank was interested in becoming a snowboarder, which as Bob chuckles, “was a pain in the butt” as there weren’t many options out there for groms of Frank’s size at the time.  By 9 years of age, Frank was no longer skiing at all, solely focusing on snowboarding.  Unbeknownst to all, the groundwork had been laid for Frank to begin to stand out locally in the shred community.
Shepherd's Pie with Guinness Stout ... This dish is quite simple in preparation.  My version contains both ground Lamb and Beef; some recipes would call for diced meat not ground, or to use one or the other - Beef or Lamb.  I believe the ground meat creates a unique texture to our meat pie, and the combination of the two meats is a pleasing medley for your taste buds.
As a national organization, Boarding 4 Breast Cancer continues to be at the forefront of breast cancer education and prevention. The 5th annual B4BC board-a-thon event will return to the slopes of Holiday Valley this February ... support the cause!


The Penguin Paddle is an annual fundraiser for Holiday Valley’s Lounsbury Adaptive Ski Program. It is a day filled with wonderful auction items, delicious food, and lots of laughs as people slip inside a garbage bag and slide on their bellies “penguin style,” racing down the bottom of Yodeler slope. 
Even though our terrain isn’t as good as the stuff our friends have on the west coast, the east breeds high-caliber riders. To ride here, you’ve got to be at the top of your game. Young Guns like Ethan Moroco are out on the front lines, constantly pushing the envelope and progressing to get better. 
While most of you may be visiting Ellicottville for the winter sports offered by Holiday Valley and neighboring HoliMont ski resorts, there are undoubtedly a few of you left out there who wouldn’t dare strap in/click in to take on the slopes of these hills.  We’ve got a couple options for you that will get you out of the chalet and out into the great outdoors.  Welcome to the Holiday Valley Tubing Company, and Sky High Mountain Coaster.
Holiday Valley is often known for hosting and creating events that are unique to the area, high in character, and a benefit to something inthe local community.  There are a plethora of events which fit this billing this season, but one of the stand-outs is the newly created ‘Harley Day Valley’ event, set to rip into the resort Jan. 26-27, 2013.


Winter is here, and with that comes theinflux of people from near and far to the slopes of Holiday Valley.  In the past, many companies and brands have created contest series or demo tours, to stay in front of a captive audience of customers.  Things are changing for better or for worse however … marketing strategies and budgets are evolving (or dwindling in some cases) which creates a call for action.  Luckily, two gentlemen are grabbing the proverbial bull by the horns, and have created an all new type of tour.  Enter Inspired Media Concepts.


Winter sports can be ridiculously fun - once you’re comfortable enough on your equipment and in your surroundings. But giant hills covered with ice and snow and death cookies can be quite intimidating.  Luckily for our friends who are beginners, January is ‘Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month’. 


Snowboarding contests are different than any other sport. There are no nets or goals to determine a winner. There aren’t rebounds, nor rejections. The winner is determined based on a panel of experienced judges. For a long time, there was a lack of a rider-driven contest series that spanned multiple resorts and encompassed a majority of East Coast riders.  Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Eastern Snowboard League.
This month, Snowed-In caught up with Nick and Matt DiDonato, two local kids who absolutely crush it on skis - and who also happen to be twins.


Buying something new can be a tricky endeavor for even the most experienced consumer. Advertisements will tell you all the things you want to hear and none of the things you don’t. Reviews can be skewed, biased or just flat-out wrong. The notion of ‘try before you buy’ has become a common phrase in our society. An investment unto itself, buying ski and snowboard equipment can be some of the toughest items to pinpoint.  But fear no more, buyer! Holiday Valley (@holidayvalley) and the major ski and snowboard companies are here to help. On Saturday, Dec. 15, the Valley will host its annual ‘Demo Day,’ where reps will set up tents outside of the (brand new!) Main Lodge. From 9am-3pm, visitors are welcomed to test new product that each company has to offer. 



J Nuzzo, a rep for Mervin Manufacturing, loves coming out to the annual ‘Demo Day’ at Holiday Valley.  “Ellicottville’s proximity to several big metro areas gives you a very diverse group of riders,” he said. “The uphill capacity is awesome because it keeps the flow of riders (and skiers) moving, all the while allowing the people taking product out to try a bunch of different stuff. It’s also super family-friendly, which is why I bring my kids up here near the end of the season.”  Nuzzo is excited about the upcoming season.  Although busy with the hustle and bustle of ski season kick-off, he took some time out to talk with Snowed-In.  

Known for its stellar instructional ski programs, Holiday Valley Resort (@holidayvalley) has produced some serious talent - including multiple Olympians. The ski racing, snowboarding and freestyle ski teams all run ‘Christmas Camps’ during the holidays, which allows kids uninterrupted instruction to help improve their skills on the hills. 

If you take into account all of the resorts (and their terrain parks) on the East Coast, it’s pretty impressive that Holiday Valley (@holidayvalley) scored 3rd in ‘Favorite Terrain Parks’ in Snow East Magazine. It takes extraordinary teamwork to build a good park; the vision of the builder, the snowmakers dragging the guns around at 2:30am, and the park crew smoothing the landing out to perfection. Luckily, cohesiveness is a common entity. 

Introduced in last season’s Snowed-In publication, the Young Gun Spotlight Series focuses on kids who come to Ellicottville and develop legitimate talent on skis or a snowboard. Thanks to the progression of the terrain parks and racing programs at Holiday Valley and HoliMont, these kids have opportunities to become namestays in the East Coast and National competition circuits. This month, Snowed-In caught up with Young Gun Zach Penton, who had plenty to say ...

There are a lot of beautiful ski resorts on the East coast. From Killington and Stratton in Vermont to Mountain Creek in New Jersey, east coasters get it done.  Consistently at the top of its game, Holiday Valley Resort is one of the gems of Western New York.  Catering to a market that spends money solely on recreational purposes, the ski resort in Ellicottville makes the most out of what nature has given it.  What it lacks in vertical, skiable terrain – just over 700 feet – it makes up with in customer service, lodging and other amenities.

If you didn't get your fill of beer and wine at Ellicottville’s Fall Festival (held Oct. 6-7), another annual tradition here in good ‘ol E’ville is the ever popular Beer & Wine Festival at Holiday Valley Resort.