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J Nuzzo, a rep for Mervin Manufacturing, loves coming out to the annual ‘Demo Day’ at Holiday Valley.  “Ellicottville’s proximity to several big metro areas gives you a very diverse group of riders,” he said. “The uphill capacity is awesome because it keeps the flow of riders (and skiers) moving, all the while allowing the people taking product out to try a bunch of different stuff. It’s also super family-friendly, which is why I bring my kids up here near the end of the season.”  Nuzzo is excited about the upcoming season.  Although busy with the hustle and bustle of ski season kick-off, he took some time out to talk with Snowed-In.  

Known for its stellar instructional ski programs, Holiday Valley Resort (@holidayvalley) has produced some serious talent - including multiple Olympians. The ski racing, snowboarding and freestyle ski teams all run ‘Christmas Camps’ during the holidays, which allows kids uninterrupted instruction to help improve their skills on the hills. 

If you take into account all of the resorts (and their terrain parks) on the East Coast, it’s pretty impressive that Holiday Valley (@holidayvalley) scored 3rd in ‘Favorite Terrain Parks’ in Snow East Magazine. It takes extraordinary teamwork to build a good park; the vision of the builder, the snowmakers dragging the guns around at 2:30am, and the park crew smoothing the landing out to perfection. Luckily, cohesiveness is a common entity. 

Introduced in last season’s Snowed-In publication, the Young Gun Spotlight Series focuses on kids who come to Ellicottville and develop legitimate talent on skis or a snowboard. Thanks to the progression of the terrain parks and racing programs at Holiday Valley and HoliMont, these kids have opportunities to become namestays in the East Coast and National competition circuits. This month, Snowed-In caught up with Young Gun Zach Penton, who had plenty to say ...

There are a lot of beautiful ski resorts on the East coast. From Killington and Stratton in Vermont to Mountain Creek in New Jersey, east coasters get it done.  Consistently at the top of its game, Holiday Valley Resort is one of the gems of Western New York.  Catering to a market that spends money solely on recreational purposes, the ski resort in Ellicottville makes the most out of what nature has given it.  What it lacks in vertical, skiable terrain – just over 700 feet – it makes up with in customer service, lodging and other amenities.

If you didn't get your fill of beer and wine at Ellicottville’s Fall Festival (held Oct. 6-7), another annual tradition here in good ‘ol E’ville is the ever popular Beer & Wine Festival at Holiday Valley Resort.

In case you haven’t heard, we don’t get the amount of snow that resorts in the western part of the country get. In a good year (I’m looking at you, 2010) Ellicottville will top out at around 220” - with a yearly average of about 180”.

Holiday Valley’s Main Lodge isn’t the only thing getting a facelift. On the backside of Holiday Valley lies a trail that has seen terrain parks come and go - Moonshadow.

For people who have never skied or snowboarded before, it can be an intimidating endeavor. Falling when going mach-10 down a snow- and ice-covered run with 100 other people (especially when you only know the basics) could potentially ruin the experience indefinitely. 
The Snowsports School at Holiday Valley knows this. They know that with this form of recreation, baby steps are necessary. The learning curve for both skis and snowboards can be strenuous and oftentimes extremely frustrating. 

Whether grounded in myth or a real life legacy, the brews and bites at John Harvard’s continue to bring in a crowd.

Where’s one place you can find a high-speed, fun winter activity with no athletic skill required?
At Holiday Valley’s Tubing Park!

The crop of talent at Holiday Valley and HoliMont is absolutely ridiculous. Ellicottville draws in visitors from all over, so we get to see the best of Buffalo, Cleveland and Toronto. Kids seem to get better and better each year ... however, it also seems like they get younger and younger. Snowed-In’s “Young Gun Spotlight” showcases some of Ellicottville’s best young riders. 

Meet Evan Deglopper …