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The crop of talent at Holiday Valley and HoliMont is absolutely ridiculous. Ellicottville draws in visitors from all over, so we get to see the best of Buffalo, Cleveland and Toronto. Kids seem to get better and better each year ... however, it also seems like they get younger and younger. Snowed-In’s “Young Gun Spotlight” showcases some of Ellicottville’s best young riders. 

Meet Evan Deglopper …

None of that fussy turning, this is all about speed! After a day on the slopes, you can top off your fun meter with a trip to the Holiday Valley Tubing Park. Race down one of the eleven 900-foot lanes and experience the exhilaration of tubing. Once you’re at the bottom, we’ll tow you up again for as many runs as you like.

It started with a simple handrail between Snoozer and Sunrise. 

From there, it grew. Some fought it, calling it a nuisance and a dying fad. Others could hardly contain their excitement and pleaded for more.

Holiday Valley’s 42/78 Terrain Parks have grown into something that borders domination - with a perimeter that continues to swell with no end in sight. Because of a few select people that willed the parks to live through the tough times, rewards have been given. Holiday Valley’s parks took 3rd on the East coast in Snow East Magazine.

There’s nothing like waking up, spending some time at the spa, and grabbing a bite to eat before hitting the slopes, especially when they’re just steps away.

The Tamarack Club at Holiday Valley offers an experience like no other, as the fractional ownership property provides the luxury, amenities and services that are sure to please its guests.