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I think we all understand that life is stressful. And we understand that it is important to take time for “me”. But we don’t. And although many of us admit that we have fallen into this hectic lifestyle, what are we actually doing to combat it?

This month, we're discussing how to improve the function of the stomach in order to eliminate GERD and improve the health of the body’s eliminative functions and organs - the small and large intestines.

“Fit is not a destination. It’s a way of life” ... We have all seen that quote before. And, if you are in any fitness industry you better believe it. As a trainer, my job is to keep up with the ever-evolving fitness trends and tricks. And since I have been a part of this industry since 1983 (yikes!), I have seen many trends come and go. One thing that has stayed consistent however, is weight training.

“Cleansing, Improved Nutrition, Supplementation as needed and Consistent Exercise in nature have all allowed me to feel healthier, more energized and stronger in my 40s than I ever experienced in my 20s!” Get started on your cleansing journey this Spring!

Often, people think yoga is simply stretching. However, those who come to the practice will quickly learn that it incorporates much more than just a physical body practice. Yoga certainly allows for the student to stretch one’s body, but it also allows one to transform on a mental and spiritual front. While the student is moving through a series of postures linked with corresponding breathwork, they are receiving corresponding benefits to the nervous system. These subtle benefits include relaxation, mindfulness, heightened concentration, stress reduction, a reduction in reactivity, and an overall sense of calm.

A lot of us were knocked out by early season respiratory infections. (Beware, the flu just walked through our store this month too!) Various herbs, extra probiotics, saltwater nasal flushes and steam inhalation treatments of Rosemary and Wild Thyme essential oils in addition to Silver Shield liquid breathed through a nebulizer can help prevent infection from reaching our lungs and lessen its duration and severity!

Halotherapy is an alternative treatment that has been going on for ages in Europe and Asia, just coming to North America the last couple of years. It is clinically proven to clear mucus from the airways, boost immune system, provide anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects, reduce symptoms of asthma, allergies, sinus and congestion, improve lung function, de-stress and decrease depression, ease skin ailments such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, and more.

Facials are one of those misunderstood spa treatments. They are commonly viewed as a luxury; a great way to enjoy part of your Saturday afternoon. But what if I told you facials are not just a way to be pampered, but rather something you should at the very least do seasonally, as they provide both short and long-term benefits to our skin and our overall health.

So I named my fitness studio Core Performance Fitness and Training because I have been trained and believe that all motion comes from your core strength. Training and strengthening of these muscle groups are critical for maximum upper to lower body (or lower to upper body) transfer of strength during many sporting activities. Some may consider this functional training, and still some others may consider it athletic performance training. They may be right, but core strength training has within it all these elements.

Essential Oils are aromatic extracts from various parts of many different plants. Recorded use of essential oils and aromatherapy date back 6,000 years! It is amazing to watch how their comeback is helping so many people all over the world. Here is a step-by-step guide for using Authentic Essential Oils as Valentine’s Day “Keys” to Unlock Your Heart … and the hearts of your loved ones!

Join Nature's Remedy and two-time Olympian Jillian Vogtli for a fun, inspiring and effective natural healing health and weight loss program starting this month.

Many solutions to insomnia causes are obvious. Listed in this article are the three most common forms of sleeplessness that I have observed in my practice along with their respective naturopathic protocols. They always have hormonal and biochemical components associated with the dysfunctions.

Both Farmer’s Almanacs are predicting an even colder ski season than the past two winters here in WNY!  So … in addition to buying warmer ski gear, turn up the heat in your internal furnace with Botanical Medicine. Herbs, categorized according to their medicinal properties, can have warming effects on the body. 

Modern society has thousands of chemicals overwhelming our water, air, soil, homes, workplaces and foods.  The illnesses resulting from toxic overload can be reversed as we remove the trash, give the body what it needs and stimulate the vital force. With Spring just around the corner, it's time for a cleanse.

Losing your mind does not have to be a process with no solutions or irreversibility, and is not just a process of aging that we must succumb to because “I am in my 70s”! Nor are brain dysfunctions (especially memory) limited to the aging process. Whether we call it anxiety, depression, insomnia, bipolar disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia or Parkinson’s, the body can slow down and reverse the disease process. Just ask a functional MD, alternative practitioner or a naturopath how they have seen broken brains improve with detoxification, nutrient repletion, proper nutrition, homeopathy and botanical medicine. 

Let’s visualize 2015 as a year of doing, living and going for it! The Universal Law of reaping what you sow proves itself true over and over again. Although life throws many other factors into this equation, treating ourselves with love and respect will yield healing and health to our bodies. Explore the following 4 Habits of Health as a means to reaching your destination … those things that are most important to you. As we sow new ways of living, we WILL enjoy the fullness of our lives and the strength to be all that we can be for others. 

We all desire to be full of Pizzazz, Mojo and Fire! No one wants to be Inert, Lifeless or Weary. Here are three ways to Zip your Energy so it pulls you forward in life and to Inactivate the Fatigue that drags you down. 

Life changes courses almost daily. YOU are responsible for caring for yourself and your life. As we are learning how to not be controlled by all the worries of this world, here are ten naturopathic solutions for your mild to debilitating anxiety. 

From lemon in water every morning to dietary and lifestyle changes to major fasts to specific herbal and nutritive detoxification programs … every person I know has enjoyed the benefits of cleansing our tissues from multiple sources of daily toxicity.   Cleansing the body has become a necessity today, and the long-term benefits far outweigh the short-term aggravations.  
In.Form is a 13-week holistic health and weight loss program designed to utilize nutrition, supplements, exercise, education, social support and individualized coaching to bring information, inspiration, hope and practical tools to your front door. And it's coming to Nature's Remedy in Ellicottville this month!  We will not be counting calories or points, but rather focusing on a truly healthy lifestyle. We will lead you to the fountain of health … it is up to you to drink the water. This journey will be A LOT of fun and we’ll build great memories in the process!
   The holiday season can create an unsteadiness and inability to remain upright through multiple challenges to our balance. Busyness. Overspending. Grief. Loneliness. Illness ... It’s a time of year created to be “joyful” and “festive,” yet many of us look forward to the 1st of January as a restart button.  For those of you who find yourself “out of balance” and constantly struggling to recover from the holidays, here are 7 areas of life to practice the art of maintaining balance in a simple fashion so that we can help each other experience truer joy.
According to Gretchen Mendell of Nature’s Remedy in Ellicottville, “Last year was the worst cold and flu season that I have experienced in my store over the past 18 years."  I can attest to this statement as I’ve worked at Nature’s Remedy since October of 2012, and witnessed my clients’ frustrations with intense respiratory symptoms, antibiotics commonly not working, concomitant infections (especially yeast infections) from misuse and overuse of antibiotics, OTC meds not helping, and confusion about how to “work” themselves and their loved ones through the journey of microbial invasion. This article responds to that need. 
For most people, losing weight is not as easy as “calories in, calories out”. Nor is energy a matter of more sleep or the latest “energy” product. There are many ways to approach weight loss and energy production depending on each person’s current health concerns, lifestyle considerations, financial accessibility, time, motivation, support system and tools. In this article, I will attempt to paint a picture of various options to provide your body with what it needs to experience “Happier Days”.
Inevitably, when what we believe changes or needs updating, it’s helpful to update our environment to reflect our own reinvention.  Have you ever noticed how you start to feel comfortable and then life changes?  Or what you thought was cool yesterday and looks great on you, is actually not so attractive on you today?  It’s both a blessing and a challenge to be as author Ester Hicks says, “tapped in, tuned in and turned on”.