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A second location has recently opened up in East Aurora

Q&A: Let us in on your top product picks for this season...

Q&A: Tell us About Your New Endeavor with Apex Boots...

Now is the time to save and find some great deals on outerwear and hard goods. Get ready for the 2018/19 season when you buy and save now because your window of opportunity is short. Some of your beloved local shops will soon be transitioning over to summertime products. Others will close down for the off-season. And one shop staple will turn the lights off for the final time; marking the end of an era in Ellicottville.

For the skiers: Apex ski boots (if you haven’t heard of these check them out!) has completely revamped their line-up by having all the chassis upgraded to the XP model from last year. As for the snowboarders - they should be super pumped - Nidecker is back in the States!

When we were having dinner with our Burton Rep last year (shoutout Joe Grasso), he hinted that something big was coming down the pipeline. After some prodding (and some beers), Grasso told us that Burton was going to reintroduce a step in binding to snowboarding - Step On. The system, which is obviously far superior and more technical than the step in bindings we seemingly all rode in the late-90s, uses contact points at your heel and both sides of your toes. And this season, Burton blessed The Boardroom by naming us one of their select Full Service Dealers - meaning that we’re one of a few shops on the East Coast that has access to Step On ...

"We love getting all the new product and stocking the store for the season. We've got a full line of outerwear brands to keep you warm and dry and looking good for apres.

Perhaps no one is looking more forward to the end of the winter season here in Ellicottville than Greg Dekdebrun himself, who has announced he’ll be retiring from the shop, which has been his second home since its opening in 1961 by his father, Al. From 1986 forward, Greg and his wife Patti have owned and operated the shop, but after a lifetime of specialty retail, Greg thinks it’s time to kick his feet up (a little bit, anyhow). When asked what he planned to do with all his impending free time, he replied, “When the snow comes again, I’m going to do that thing called skiing.”

If you think of Ellicottville activities through the prism of power rankings, the top spot is an easy choice. Holiday Valley and HoliMont remain the tractor beams for bringing in visitors, both repeat and new. You might argue that No. 2 would be a toss-up between dining/nightlife and shopping - each one complements the other well. After that, however, it’s a complete dogfight for activity spots. Underrated and oft-overlooked, snowshoeing is a hidden gem around our area ...

It’s no secret to those who know, that The City Garage has one of the most diverse product selections in town. Sure - they’ve got the basics in accessories and ski equipment you would expect in a ski shop, but they’ve also got a variety of items some would deem ‘off piste’ so to speak, which have been carefully selected by their credible, passionate staff ...

During the winter months, Ellicottville is not exactly lacking in the entertainment department. Between the slopes of Holiday Valley and HoliMont and the nightlife of the village, plenty of stories are made between the months of December and April. There’s a good chance that if you’re reading this, you’ve got an Ellicottville story or two yourself. And if you’ve ever been to The Boardroom, or The Boardroom on Main, and had the opportunity to talk with any of the staff then you know they have stories for days! Whether it’s shop talk about the newest and hottest products on the market, the latest scoop on what’s happening at the resorts in town, or just shop beagle tales (pun intended) The Boardroom crew never disappoints. It’s pretty safe to say though, that the topic they enjoy the most is snowboarding. So when Spencer Timkey (@spence_timkey on Insta) and Tyler Burns (@tylerxburns) were trying to figure out a new way to connect with people who share their passion for shredding, they settled on the podcast format. And just like that, Cold Soup, a weekly podcast for the shred enthusiast was born.

With winter quickly approaching here in Ellicottville, there’s no time like the present to get into some of your favorite local, specialty retailers to get outfitted for the pending snowfall. One of the mainstays in our community, Mud Sweat N’Gears, is located on the corner of Washington and Monroe Streets in the heart of the village. Recognized by the industry as an ‘America’s Best Bootfitters’ shop, as well as home to the only Montana Speed Factory around, MSG’s passionate, knowledgable staff is ready to get you dialed in. We caught up with owners / operators Kimberly Reading and Miguel Azcarate, to talk about the products they’re most excited about for the coming season.

The Boardroom is moving on up, and they couldn’t be more thrilled, as their 2nd location will be housed on the main floor of 14 Washington Street. Look for them next door to Adventure Bound onthefly … they’ll have all of the same sweet stuff as their Flagship store, plus more lifestyle apparel.

Whether you have an appetite for floaty powder skis, all mountain performers, gutsy sidecuts for groomer days or blazing fast race equipment, Mud, Sweat n' Gears no doubt has the ski you're looking for. Their helmet and goggle collection is bigger and better than ever, and their "Speed Factory" in the back has added some new artillery to make your equipment ready for anything.

Not only is The City Garage stoked on a few new lines they're bringing in (TOBE, Strafe, and Planks, just to name a few), they are also gearing up for the showing of "Ruin and Rose" in November, and busy ski shop days through winter, where they'll rely heavily on good grub cooked in the back to fuel them through ... aka Crockpot Creations, where the key ingredient in every meal is ...

This summer was a bit different for the winter-only shop ... they were OPEN! According to Ciara Peters, soft goods manager, "It went very well! We offered a variety of casual and swim wear from companies like O’Neill and Picture Organic Clothing. In addition, we also freshened up our t-shirt wall with some summer inspired designs." But with winter just around the corner, the Dekdebruns crew is anxious to fill the shop with winter-inspired product, including a few new items, including Uvex helmets and goggles, the latest boot by Apex, and the Nitro line of snowboards.

Winter has without a doubt established a firm hold on Ellicottville and the region, with the slopes of HoliMont and Holiday Valley full of visitors who have all but forgotten the tumultuous start to the season. Sooner than later, however, the sun and warm temps will return to the area, with thoughts beginning to shift from powder turns to patio sessions. A few of the local specialty shops in town will be locking their doors for the spring and summer months, however, one location in particular that will NOT be closing up shop is The City Garage. For the past 16 years, The City Garage has remained committed to being a year-round lifestyle and outdoor equipment retailer. SNOWED-IN sat down with the gang at the C.G., who were excited to reveal what products will be awaiting those visiting in the warmer months.

Mud, Sweat n' Gears: America's Best Bootfitters ... and your ticket to speed.

We caught up with Spencer Timkey of The Boardroom, who revealed that among the boards he is most hyped on this season is the Proto, manufactured by Never Summer Industries.

If you’ve ever visited Dekdebruns, you have seen first-hand what a dynamic offering they have. Everything from high performance ski race gear, on-hill and apres ski fashion, to must-have accessories, snowboard gear and rentals. The Dekdebruns team prides themselves in finding brands that one can’t find just anywhere, ensuring that their customers are exposed to the big picture. This year, they have two unique offerings we’re pretty sure you’ll be stoked about.

So many awesome things going down this year. The one we’re most excited about is the opening of a 2nd storefront location called The Boardroom on Main, right in the heart of the Village of Ellicottville. We partnered with John Rounds (who opened Adventure Bound onthefly) and took the downstairs of the old Kazoo II building. 

This year we expanded our collection of outerwear and accessories for kids. We couldn’t help ourselves ... there was just too much good stuff to choose from.  Jackets, pants, insulators, hoodies, base layers, helmets, goggles, gloves and packs. Fun pops of color and patterning, impactful prints and color blocks and full range of kid friendly features like dependable waterproofing, breathability and rugged fabrics. More than enough to keep them one step ahead of Mother Nature. 

We are very excited for Icelantic’s brand new ski for this year – the Pioneer!  This is Icelantic’s true all-mountain ski: it is lightweight with camber underfoot and a tapered early rise tip and tail.  The Pioneer will easily perform in all conditions!

We are entering our 16th year this season, and we couldn't be more excited for what winter has to offer! Being open year round has its benefits, but the biggest joy we get is switching from summer to winter. Getting out all the new product is like Christmas!