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Find Homewood decks locally at:  JSP (Jamestown, NY), Phatman (Tonowanda, NY), Eastern H20 (Pittsburgh, PA), Ski Denton (Coudersport, PA), Country Ski and Board (Montoursville, PA), and Spokes and Ski (Altoona, PA).  A complete list of retailers can be found on the Homewood website. 

BRANDS: Airblaster, Analog, Arbor, Ashburry, Burton, Capita, Coal, Celtek, Crab Grab, Dakine, Electric, Grenade, Homewood, Jones, K2, Neff, Nike, Oneballjay, Rome, Salomon, Smith, Thirty-Two, Union, Volcom

One of the coolest and most exciting things about Ellicottville is watching it change from the hustle and bustle of a ski community, to that of a leisurely summer ‘resort town’.  Just as the village and accompanying ski resorts take on their own unique transformations, local retailers evolve for the seasons as well. SNOWED-IN stopped by The City Garage to get the dirt on all that was happening, as we watch the snow melt.

Saturday, Feb. 15 marked the 6th Annual Boarding 4 Breast Cancer event at Holiday Valley Resort. Once again, the day was an unparalleled success. 

Chances are, if you're visiting Ellicottville, NY during the winter months, you're here to ride or ski our two great ski resorts - HoliMont and Holiday Valley.  Subsequently, it's safe to say you're also spending some time shopping in some of the great ski/snowboard specialty shops in the village, looking for the best of the best in hardgoods and softgoods.  This month in SNOWED-IN, we're dropping by The Boardroom to look at one of the best boot lines on the market, produced by none other than Nike.
As a shop employee, I can tell you just how messed up the ski and snowboard industry buying cycle is. We’re barely through this winter, and we’re already putting orders together for next season. It’s stressful. It’s chaotic. But … it’s awesome. 

A new product making headway in all facets of the sports world, Noggin is a gel-filled elastic covering similar to a swim cap that is worn underneath helmets, and is said to reduce impact by 22%. According to Noggin Sport CEO Alex Abramov, “Noggin Sport is dedicated to providing the highest level of protective headwear, to be worn with certified helmets, to protect against the occurrence of head injuries and minor traumatic brain injuries.”

The Apex Ski Boot Company can be summed up in one word: INNOVATIVE.  Founder Denny Hanson, a longtime ski industry veteran, designed a radical new boot that overcame the boundaries skiers had between finding comfort and performance.  SNOWED-IN recently got on the horn with Apex'sMarketing Director Jennifer Hanson (Denny’s daughter) to learn more.
While it may seem like every snowboard is similar, there are certain differences in women’s specific product lines that make starting at square one or perfecting that killer move in the park all that more efficient.  We caught up with Nick Sciara from MSG who went over the K2 Women's Alliance line, to further illustrate why this equipment is the best of the best.

As a member of America’s Best Bootfitters, custom bootfitting has always been a hallmark of Mud, Sweat n’ Gears. We specialize in custom fitting for competitive ski racers, industry professionals and recreational skiers alike. An improperly fitting boot can make for a painful, frustrating day on the slopes. Our job is to help you find your perfect new pair of boots or improve the fit and performance of your current boots. 

WNY’s raddest snowboard shop! We’re masters of setting you up with the gear that’s perfect for you. Snowboarding isn’t life or death! Let’s have some fun with it. We want you to come in, hang with our two beagles, crack some jokes and just get stoked on the experience. That’s what we’re trying to sell - the experience. 

Every store in town excels in customer service, bootfitting, and tuning. We specialize in the aforementioned as well as our unique random acts of tumbling and yeti wrangling …

Homewood is a grassroots, DIY, American-made brand with a solid foundation in manufacturing, based in a skilled-labor community of NW PA. Unlike most snowboard industry competitors, we own our factory, employ hard-working snowboarders who care deeply about the product, sleep at the shop, and we have a pretty rad cat.

Phatman Boardshop is family/rider owned and operated. We specialize in board sports, offering premium brands of snowboards, skateboards, hardgoods, shoes and apparel. 

We are a skateboard company based in Jamestown, NY.  We all live to skate and snowboard.  We try to source as many of our own products to sell.  Promoting our brand by selling exactly what we feel is best for our region just makes the most sense to us.  

THE CITY GARAGE: 5 Monroe St., Ellicottville, NY ... We specialize in being a full service ski shop.  Whatever type of skiing you're into, we have it.  Alpine, cross-country and telemark, we are the only ski shop in town that just sells skis!  
When it comes to snowboard equipment, product testing is a pretty subjective ordeal.  It’s not like reading a review in Consumer Reports about a blender or a vacuum cleaner, where by and large that appliance is going to run as described for anyone who buys it.  A snowboard on the other hand; well that’s an entirely different story.  
On Monday, Feb. 11, Holiday Valley Resort will be hosting the “Your Turn” Women’s Ski Clinic, featuring nationally acclaimed ski coach Lisa Densmore. With Mud Sweat ‘n Gears Ski and Snowboard Shop sponsoring the event, store owner Kimberly Reading and I found it absolutely necessary to do a women’s specific product testing for the month of February.  Lucky me!
Unbeknownst to most, the buying cycle for shops around the country is actually eight to nine months before the next season starts. For instance, local shops are currently writing orders to be fulfilled for 2013-’14, and they are traveling to regional trade shows to see next year’s product in person and meet with the reps from that company. The past few seasons, the regional show for our territory has been in Atlantic City, NJ. 


Drift’s latest POV camera, the HD Ghost, offers a two-way remote control for easy access, Wi-Fi to connect to smart phones, continuous loop recording, and a tough Gorilla glass LCD screen to view pictures, videos and menu screens through.  With video, photo, burst, and time-lapse modes, this little piece of technology does it all.


Mike Parillo.  If you have any interest in snowboarding and don’t recognize the name, chances are you still know his work.  This Los Angeles, CA native turned Jackson, WY transplant has been responsible for creating some of the most mesmerizing top sheets to ever cover a snowboard, including Travis Rice’s pro-models.  Through Rice’s appreciation for art, the two formed Asymbol Art Gallery - the ultimate way to bring snowboarding and art into the home, and to the eyes of the general public.


I think it’s forgotten by some that our feet act as the platform for our entire body. Surprisingly, statistics show that over 75 percent of the population suffers from some sort of foot misalignment.  At Dekdebruns Ski & Snowboard Shop, their custom footbeds are not only formed to properly support your feet and arches, but they may even help relieve the pain some suffer in different parts of their body while skiing or snowboarding.
All the locals know her.  Many of our visitors know her.  A woman with a bright smile and an infectious laugh, Buffalo native Patty Wolf has created a life for herself out of her passion for skiing.  

I, along with Snowed-In creator Brenda Perks, decided to do a little local product testing for you and yours, to delight your wish lists right before the holiday season. We stopped by The City Garage and met up with Trey Clauss, longtime General Manager, to see what was happening with the latest loot for Christmas. Here are the hottest, most unique items on the shelves … other than their fantastic selection of skis and accessories. Remember, every product tested is exclusive to The City Garage, and can’t be found anywhere else in town.