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As all trends and fads eventually make it out to the countryside, the opening of an axe throwing lounge is really a returning home for Ellicottville. Bringing a slice of history back to life in a modern form, new owners of The Ratchet Hatchet seek to fulfill an uncaptured market.

The 2020 Virtual Elisa’s Run for the Arts on June 13th was a tremendous success! Family and friends participated from all over NYS and from at least 12 other states as well!

This summer is shaping up to be a hot one! Getting outdoors during the nice weather to stay active is something many of us try to take advantage of. With the summer heat beating down on us, it's really important to make sure you stay hydrated and pace yourself.

Similar to previous Seneca Resorts & Casinos phased openings, guests can expect the same strict protocols in place to protect the health and safety of guests and team members. This includes limited slot machines with distance between them, limited table games, minimal food and beverage offerings and socially distanced seating.

Starting Friday, July 3rd and running every Friday through Aug. 28th from 5:00-8:00pm, the town’s businesses spill onto the stone pavements of Ellicottville’s downtown, showcasing their wares, offering free samples, and hosting drop-in activities. Be it sidewalk chalk, sponge candy snacks, or sips at the winery, Stroll the Streets is fit for all ages - children and adults.

Fitness facilities are beginning to reopen with a whole new set of restrictions and requirements. We need to adhere to strict physical distancing and sanitation protocols in order to operate. There are also new waivers to sign and temperature checks upon entering the facility. As trainers, we are doing our best to follow all guidelines. Here's what you can expect at Core Performance ...

As we enter into Phase 3 of re-opening, we see a light at the end of the tunnel. But with that light comes a new reality, one with masks and hand sanitizer, temperature checks and social distancing. Our new reality still has a lot of holes, and each of us small business owners has been busy doing their homework to figure out ways to keep our clients and customers safe and satisfied.

About two years ago, SNOWED-IN caught up with our local spinning sensation Bella Bacon. At that time, she had recently been awarded the 6th Annual ‘Spirit of Sarah Scholarship’ and qualified for the US Revolution Tour. Fast forward to 2020 and the Bacon family has packed up and made the trek to Park City, Utah (just last month!) as Bella has been invited to join the US Rookie Team. While chatting with both Bella and her mother, Christine, they gave me a peek into what it takes to uproot from our close knit community and head to the Rockies.

When Salamanca resident Bradley Poole was born, the doctors told his parents he’d be lucky to see age 18. At six days old, he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis (CF), a rare hereditary disease that damages the lungs and digestive system. Poole turns 33 years old in August, and he’s doing everything he can to stay healthy and strong to reach the age of 40, an age which fewer than five percent of individuals with CF reach. You could say that Poole is running for his life.

When Christine Wittmann, a lifelong western NY native, approached me
about collaborating with her in her jewelry business, it was a
no-brainer. Christine and I have been friends since middle-school, and
now almost 40 years later (did I just reveal our age?), we have found
a way to combine our lifelong artistic paths.

During this week's Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce Membership meeting, business owners discussed the idea of closing Monroe Street to allow downtown businesses an opportunity to expand their services in an outdoor setting.

Looking for new projects to keep little ones busy or to flex your own creative muscles? Interested in becoming part of a community art project? Now is the perfect time to collect a few rocks, dust off your paint brush, and get inspired!

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer in western New York, and while many traditional destinations like amusement parks, campgrounds, and zoos are closed right now, that hardly means the end of summer fun. In fact, with all kinds of local outdoor and even virtual adventures available - many of which are free - this year promises to be the ultimate summer stay-cation!

The May meeting of the Ellicottville Village Board was held once again virtually, this past Monday, May 18th. This month's meeting included a public hearing and vote on the 2020 Village Budget. Mayor John Burrell also reported that he has attended many conference calls the past month navigating the COVID-19 Regulations as they have been changing daily.

As unemployment skyrockets and businesses continue to shut their doors, the hardships pile up. Schools across the country have stepped up to the challenge, continuing to provide its students with breakfast and lunch. The Rotary Club of Ellicottville stepped in to provide even more. 

Where is your happy place?  I am starting to realize that quarantine for me (and others, I’m sure) means one solid day followed by a dumpster fire.  This yo-yo cycle has been hard to break, and I am not going to pretend I have the answers, but I will tell you that any time I can get into the woods and breathe in the fresh air and watch as nature comes back to life a little bit more than the day before fills me with hope.

Ellicottville Central School District has come a long way since the 1970’s and 80’s when it used to be hallways that led to trailers for classrooms. As students move on from ECS, there hasn’t ever been an outlet to keep Alumni connected. The Alumni Association decided it was time to develop a website where graduates could keep up with each other.

Due to recent budget cuts from New York State, the Library no longer receives the critical bullet aid that helps offset overall costs. In light of this, the Board of Trustees requested an increase in funding from the Ellicottville Central School tax levy.

With the countdown to Mother’s Day 2020 coming in hot, the pressure seems to be a little higher than years past. Mothers have taken on so many extra roles and rarely get a break during these COVID times. To make this day magical for mom, Ellicottville has all of the ingredients.

I’m going to help build you a custom workout program, step-by-step! After all, a workout should be developed around a person’s age, goals, nutritional strategy, free time, etc. Not only that, but it’s easy to overcomplicate this process – there are an infinite number of exercises, sets, reps, and programs to choose from.

In these uncertain times, it is hard to know exactly what to do, how to act, or what to feel the umpteenth time you read this phrase as an article opener. Jessica Maynard-Gilbert, founder and CEO of Ava Grace Fashions in Ellicottville, has not let closed doors and ever-changing predictions affect her sunny attitude. Instead, she started a revolution.

With Spring now upon us, so many of us are busy with projects around the house and preparing our garden plans. And certainly we don’t need reminded that we are living amidst a culture shock time period. In direct result, there has been a ‘growing’ emphasis on the importance of gardening and what you choose to grow. In chatting with Clint Peyton, Ryan Peterson and Brandon Triscari, owners of The Biodome Project in Jamestown, NY, I got the inside scoop on why this is the perfect time to ‘dig in’ to your very own vegetable garden.

Cover your face. Protect those around you. Look good doing it. Daff’s Laura Solly and Twisted Threads’ Tracey Wappman have joined forces to provide chic, effective face coverings.

Over the years, I have written articles promoting the importance of a strong core for athleticism. However, have you ever considered how important your core is for daily activities?