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When it comes to snowboard equipment, product testing is a pretty subjective ordeal.  It’s not like reading a review in Consumer Reports about a blender or a vacuum cleaner, where by and large that appliance is going to run as described for anyone who buys it.  A snowboard on the other hand; well that’s an entirely different story.  
Born Franklin Robert Knab on August 23, 1991 to Bob and Fran Knab of Getzville, NY, young Frank didn’t give his parents much time to prepare for what would soon become his lifelong addiction to shredding.  By age 3 Bob recounts, Frank was making the weekend trips to Holiday Valley, where they would lap the School Haus chair until Frank was tired, then drop him off at the daycare facility so they could finish their day.  By age 6, Frank was interested in becoming a snowboarder, which as Bob chuckles, “was a pain in the butt” as there weren’t many options out there for groms of Frank’s size at the time.  By 9 years of age, Frank was no longer skiing at all, solely focusing on snowboarding.  Unbeknownst to all, the groundwork had been laid for Frank to begin to stand out locally in the shred community.
Shepherd's Pie with Guinness Stout ... This dish is quite simple in preparation.  My version contains both ground Lamb and Beef; some recipes would call for diced meat not ground, or to use one or the other - Beef or Lamb.  I believe the ground meat creates a unique texture to our meat pie, and the combination of the two meats is a pleasing medley for your taste buds.
For most people, losing weight is not as easy as “calories in, calories out”. Nor is energy a matter of more sleep or the latest “energy” product. There are many ways to approach weight loss and energy production depending on each person’s current health concerns, lifestyle considerations, financial accessibility, time, motivation, support system and tools. In this article, I will attempt to paint a picture of various options to provide your body with what it needs to experience “Happier Days”.
Inevitably, when what we believe changes or needs updating, it’s helpful to update our environment to reflect our own reinvention.  Have you ever noticed how you start to feel comfortable and then life changes?  Or what you thought was cool yesterday and looks great on you, is actually not so attractive on you today?  It’s both a blessing and a challenge to be as author Ester Hicks says, “tapped in, tuned in and turned on”.  
As winter begins to melt away, spring into the Enchanted Mountains for some shopping, dining and exciting events sure to warm your spirits. 
Visitors to Peek‘n Peak Ski Resort and Spa in Findley Lake, NY are in for a memorable experience. The historical resort, once on the brink of bankruptcy and the verge of closure, has been revived by Nick Scott, Jr. and his family.

Begin the month with a visit to a museum, enjoy a Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration at a local tavern in mid-month, then sweetly slide from March into April enjoying the sugary taste of this year’s maple syrup. Hopefully by the beginning of April you will be outside in the sunshine teeing off at a local golf course!
As a national organization, Boarding 4 Breast Cancer continues to be at the forefront of breast cancer education and prevention. The 5th annual B4BC board-a-thon event will return to the slopes of Holiday Valley this February ... support the cause!
On Monday, Feb. 11, Holiday Valley Resort will be hosting the “Your Turn” Women’s Ski Clinic, featuring nationally acclaimed ski coach Lisa Densmore. With Mud Sweat ‘n Gears Ski and Snowboard Shop sponsoring the event, store owner Kimberly Reading and I found it absolutely necessary to do a women’s specific product testing for the month of February.  Lucky me!
Unbeknownst to most, the buying cycle for shops around the country is actually eight to nine months before the next season starts. For instance, local shops are currently writing orders to be fulfilled for 2013-’14, and they are traveling to regional trade shows to see next year’s product in person and meet with the reps from that company. The past few seasons, the regional show for our territory has been in Atlantic City, NJ. 


Drift’s latest POV camera, the HD Ghost, offers a two-way remote control for easy access, Wi-Fi to connect to smart phones, continuous loop recording, and a tough Gorilla glass LCD screen to view pictures, videos and menu screens through.  With video, photo, burst, and time-lapse modes, this little piece of technology does it all.
The village of Ellicottville is fortunate to have multiple ski andsnowboard specialty shops, each with a distinct cast of characters and specialists to get you dialed in to hit the slopes.  This month, we caught up with Tim Cummiskey, a long-time veteran of the ski business (41 years to be exact!) who has held it down as the man to see for some of the best bootfitting around at The City Garage (5 Monroe Street) for the last ten years.  


The Penguin Paddle is an annual fundraiser for Holiday Valley’s Lounsbury Adaptive Ski Program. It is a day filled with wonderful auction items, delicious food, and lots of laughs as people slip inside a garbage bag and slide on their bellies “penguin style,” racing down the bottom of Yodeler slope. 
Even though our terrain isn’t as good as the stuff our friends have on the west coast, the east breeds high-caliber riders. To ride here, you’ve got to be at the top of your game. Young Guns like Ethan Moroco are out on the front lines, constantly pushing the envelope and progressing to get better. 
While most of you may be visiting Ellicottville for the winter sports offered by Holiday Valley and neighboring HoliMont ski resorts, there are undoubtedly a few of you left out there who wouldn’t dare strap in/click in to take on the slopes of these hills.  We’ve got a couple options for you that will get you out of the chalet and out into the great outdoors.  Welcome to the Holiday Valley Tubing Company, and Sky High Mountain Coaster.


Mike Parillo.  If you have any interest in snowboarding and don’t recognize the name, chances are you still know his work.  This Los Angeles, CA native turned Jackson, WY transplant has been responsible for creating some of the most mesmerizing top sheets to ever cover a snowboard, including Travis Rice’s pro-models.  Through Rice’s appreciation for art, the two formed Asymbol Art Gallery - the ultimate way to bring snowboarding and art into the home, and to the eyes of the general public.
“They’re an institution in Ellicottville,” remarked Jane Eshbaugh, Marketing Director at Holiday Valley.  “They play great songs that everyone knows and for all ages.  They’ll play just about anything you want.” 
The holidays might be over, but if you’re still feeling stressed or exhausted and need a little relaxation, there’s an oasis waiting just for you in downtown Ellicottville. 
Constance Searby questioned it, skeptical of its feasibility, but, within a weekend, she became a believer and an advocate of HoliMont’s Phoenix Adaptive Ski Program.  “My son Wil joined the program after a friend invited us up,” Searby said. “We were skeptical, but thought it would be fun for him to try a new activity. By the end of the weekend he was on tethers, going down the Bunny Hill and Chipmunk. We were sold and signed up the next year.” 

HoliMont Ski Area, North America’s largest private ski area, is expanding. The project, also known as WestMont Ridge, has produced 31 rare, ski-in/ski-out building lots on the western side of HoliMont.   


What do one million gallons of water, 200 snowmobilers and the Seneca Allegany Casino & Hotel have in common?  They’re all part of the AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series, a featured event within the International Series of Champions (ISOC), to be hosted on the grounds of the Seneca Allegany Casino & Hotel in Salamanca, NY Feb. 22-24. 
The Enchanted Mountains of Cattaraugus County, NY offers many exciting opportunities for those looking to “escape” from their every day.  February is the perfect month to plan that much needed mid-winter break.  Make it an afternoon, or make it an overnight!  In Salamanca, NY (located just 10 minutes from Ellicottville), there are plenty of enjoyable choices to keep you busy.  


February is the perfect month to create memories with those you love. Family, friends or a significant other are sure to appreciate you for your thoughtfulness if you plan an activity or adventure that you can do together. It is the experiences in life that create fond memories. Whether you enjoy a traditional “date night” with a dinner and a movie, a romantic getaway weekend or are seeking out something fun to do with family in the great outdoors, nearby Pennsylvania offers you an opportunity to forge your own experiences that will reward you with memories that last a lifetime.